Art supply donations!

All donations must be clean and usable. They may be new or gently used.

Substrates (a fancy term that means anything you paint or draw or glue onto)

Wood boards, canvases, sketch books, art notebooks, water color paper


Magazines/Books- Art Books, children's magazines, fashion magazines, photography magazines, National Geographic, home and garden magazines, Time, Life, People, vintage magazines

*please keep all images appropriate for children's eyes

Misc. Supplies-baby wipes, hand soap, paper towels

Nature- sticks and small branches, Pine cones, Smooth river rock  2"-6" size, acorns and acorn tops, shells

Paper- All plain paper in all colors or white, specialty paper such as water color paper, corrugated cardboard pieces (no large boxes), small boxes  (cardboard jewelry boxes, cigar boxes...), mat board, poster board, foam core, sturdy cardboard tubes, unused scraps of wall paper, scrap book paper, wrapping paper, yuppo.

Vintage- vintage photos, vintage wrapping paper, vintage greeting cards, costume jewelry, buttons

Wood- Wood scraps, small boards, plywood scraps, small blocks, craft wood, peg boards, cork sheets, corks, spools

Furniture (please check with us first since storage space is an issue): Easels, cabinets and cupboards, couch, tables, chairs, shelving, etc.


Any amount helps us achieve our goals

When you give financially it gives us the flexibility to use that gift towards our most pressing need. That need might be furniture or supplies or it might be a scholarship for class fees. Donations are tax deductible. Thank you!